Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on x-stream network communication.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on x-stream network communication. ‘Distance learning’ is the process to commence learning from a computing interface rather than face-to-face. The reason is the distance between the learner and the educator. It is the only possible way the learner has access to education. This approach existed long before the Internet in the form of correspondence courses indoor via television. The current technology has expanded its horizons, increased speed, and efficiency. It also enabled many potential learners to access distance education programs. Furthermore, ‘Flexible learning’ is the learner’s preference of learning either in a traditional face-to-face approach or via another medium, TV, CD-ROM, or distance learning all with equal standing in terms of course conclusion and gratitude. Before the advent of the web, this approach was available but technology has made it possible to manage and deliver these choices more efficiently to provide a broad range of learners. This technology also facilitates to learners who do not have access to the campuses and cannot attend classes. ‘Blended learning’ is the process of learning by compound and mandated modes of deliverance. Mandated is the key element and is not optional. This means that a component of a learning application needs to commence in digital forms other than face-to-face, i.e., World Wide Web, Compact Disc, remoteness, etc. Blended learning is often related to the flexible deliverance of the presentation. Moreover, ‘Online learning’ is almost certainly the most often used phrase when explaining ‘Online learning’. The core concept is learning via the World Wide Web. Online learning does not have a general definition other than access to learning via the Internet.

X stream is a virtual learning environment with the sole purpose of enhancing learning techniques. It is a virtual learning environment that can be accessed via the Internet. Every user is provided with credentials to ‘log in’ to the virtual learning system. In fact, there are different protocols associated to accomplish a remote session. For instance, a user wants to connect X-stream from home, various computational processes are conducted in order to establish a remote session. Moreover, Internet connectivity is the prime requirement for establishing a session.

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