Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the three-stage process of project management in organizations.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the three-stage process of project management in organizations. The project team management and overall business management should possess strong communication skills which include active and effective listening, questioning to seek clarification, motivating team members, persuasion, conflict resolution, fact-finding, and information summarization, among others.

What inputs, tools, and techniques, and outputs are required in each of the three stages of communication management in projects? The inputs necessary for a communication plan include the project management plan, organizational assets, and description of enterprise environmental factors, and a list of stakeholders. The process involves communication requirements analysis to discover stakeholder information needs. Managing communication requires the communication management plan, work performance reports, as well as environmental factors, and organizational assets. Sources of information and communication channels should be determined. Communication technology, methods, and models used should be the most effective to meet stakeholder needs in planning and managing communication. The communication plan should contain roles, resource allocation, among others. Managing communication should involve performance reporting, and provides updates on project communications, documents, plan, and organizational process assets (Project Management Institute, 2013). Controlling and monitoring of communication requires information on the communication plan, issue log, and performance data. Meetings and expert judgments are required in the evaluation of the effectiveness of the communication plan, to identify areas that require changes, report on performance, and effect changes to project documents.

Project success is dependent on several factors, including proper planning of the project activities, acquiring support from the management, defining and controlling the project scope, reaching an agreement on project goals, and last but not least effective communication among all project team members.

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