Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the role of organisational politics in organisations.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the role of organisational politics in organisations. Survival, advancement, allocation of resources for departments, influencing human resource departments for personal gain, human emotions, and power are some of the reasons for the existence of such politics. To conclude it can be said that organizational politics is here to stay. The benefit that the company receives depends on the attitude of the leaders of the political organization. As for suggestions as to what companies can do, the management should play it in such a way that it is to the advantage of the organization, the political groups, and its members.

Introduction: When one hears the word politics, what comes to mind the power play between political parties and politicians. But politics can exist in other places also. Generally, all large organizations whether it is the government itself or large private organizations are affected by the power play of politics. There is a general belief that the larger the organization the more the politics that will be found within it. The term organizational politics can be defined as “self-serving and manipulative behavior of individuals and groups to promote their self-interests at the expense of others, and sometimes even organizational goals as well.” (Promoting Thought Leadership…: Organisational Politics Defined: Leadership and Organisational Politics). Of course, there can be many definitions of the word because an exact interpretation cannot be given. This paper will discuss organizational politics inside the organization. In doing so, advantages and disadvantages that may arise out of it will be discussed.

The above definition gives a general idea of what organizational politics is all about. Survival and advancement are two motivating factors for any individual, especially in a large private organization. In order to manipulate the normal process of advancement or to see that one’s job is secure, people resort to organizational politics.

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