Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on media portrayal of science/technology.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on media portrayal of science/technology. According to the article it has now become possible to lead up to the guilty after a robbery. The new data analysis tool, called LogAnalysis, allows for the visualization of how the suspects are related and this is done through examining their phone calls. It is a great tool for preventing and fighting crime. This development was done by scientists at the University of Messina in Italy. In this program are used the algorithms that researchers normally use for investigating relations between organisms. These algorithms are brought together in a way that suits the investigation of crime. posted on 7th March that this LogAnalysis is currently under testing using some criminal cases of Italy. The article relates how the tool was used to track down robbers who had been recently going about looting people. The device was used for exploring the reams of the cell phone data and it was found that right before and after every robbery, there had been several phone calls made among the gang members, and none whatsoever during the time when the robbery was taking place. This gave them away.

The article does not really use any such scientific terms that the general public would not understand. No fancy or scientific terms have been used. Of course, there are words such as algorithms and temporal analysis, but it is assumed that whoever actually has access to the internet and would look up this article would have enough education to be already being aware of the terms. The whole progress has been explained very simply without any twists and turns. All features of this technology have been listed very precisely. The article describes how technology can be used. That is, first of all, the researchers need to import the call data into the program. The program builds up a diagram that illustrates the connections between those who had made the phone calls and how they are connected. It has features that allow for easily checking out who the caller and receiver was, and the frequency of the calls made to each person. Also, there is the option of trimming out people and calls if they are not needed in the case being investigated.

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