You are the Accountant of Mr.RJ.Dawids Traders and you are given the following information relating to 31 August

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(debit) Dr N$ 1 560

The following information was discovered after you closed off the cash book for 31 August 2018.

1. Client Joe deposited N$ 2 000 directly in the bank account

2. Stop order was paid directly from the bank account of N$4 500 to Ms Van Wyk

3. Service fee was charged against the bank account N$ 100

4. The bank credited the bank account with interest on the credit balance with N$ 500

5. Payment to Mr. Kip of N$ 750 was not on the bank statement

6. Payment to Ms. Czarina of N$ 250 was not on the bank statement

7. A deposit of 31 August 2018 was not on the bank statement: N$ 400

Prepare the following as at 31 August 2018.

1.Cash book

2.Bank reconciliation

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