written assignment about debate between housing and education

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We had a class today and there was a debate between two groups. 1 group is supporting housing and the other group is supporting education. I was with the Council members and there was an assignment I had to submit but I couldn’t know how to do it. The requirements for the assignment is below please help with it.

For substantive group members (housing and education), please upload your executive summary (and although you only need to prepare one as group, please each of you, individually upload the summary. There will be a separate place to upload your policy proposal presentation

For Council members, this is where you upload your written background paper. These are done individually to illustrate that you have an understanding of these issues (past/present and future).

  • Each student had to individually research both issues and a-priori come up with a written document that substantiates their position (support for education or housing proposal) of the project.
  • This was done so that each Council member could make an informed decision.
  • Each member of the group is required to write up a separate (individual, this is not group work) 5-6 page document (with citations) that outline both the problems in each domain (addressing inequality through housing and education policy) and the pros/cons of the two policy positions.

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