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Week 3 discussion 2

Fitness Within the Ranks

Based on Overweight Officer Returned to Work and this week’s assigned readings, discuss the importance of physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle as a law enforcement officer. In your discussion, address the following:

  • Why is physical fitness important in a police officer’s development and subsequent career?
  • What restrictions in training objectives would an overweight police officer encounter in weaponless self-defense and martial arts training within a police academy?  
  • What regulations are imposed on police agencies with regard to physical fitness requirements after completion of initial training?  
  • What civil liability, if any, does the agency face if an officer does not maintain a level of physical fitness required of a situation where significant injury or death occurs to a civilian or fellow officer as a direct result of the officer’s level of fitness?

Our discussion first, individuals response, tell bad and good of post lit reference thanks

Amber wrote; After reading the textbook and watching the video about an officer’s weight, it is clear that physical fitness is important. Police officers need to stay in shape. This way they are physically able to handle any task. In addition, if an officer lets himself get out of shape, he will not be able to pursue an individual by foot or assisting with a medical emergency. Some of the restrictions that an officer would encounter during a weaponless self-defense and martial arts training that may not be as quick as their opponent. They may not have a great amount of flexibility. In addition to quickness and flexibility, overweight officers may have a restricted amount of stamina than other recruits who are in shape. In the state of New Hampshire, they do have specific regulations for maintaining physical fitness after completing their training from the academy. In the frequently asked questions, it states that an individual “must pass a medical exam and physical fitness test every 3 years” if they want to remain certified for the duration of their career (New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council, n.d.). However, different states and agencies may have different regulations for physical fitness. The agency may face legal action because an officer failed to protect the public and aid their fellow officer. There could also be an issue where it is believed that the agency has failed to train the officers because a part of the education curriculum at the academy was about physical education.

New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council. (n.d.). FAQ’s. Retrieved from New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council: www.pstc.nh.gov/faqs.htm

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