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Originally, the Bill of Rights was supposed to be included in the U.S. Constitution as a product of the constitutional convention. There were two reasons why it was not: fierce debate/disagreement over the various rights to include AND the fact that none of the convention representatives were actually elected from the people. It was decided that the first order of business of the First Congress would be to lay down the Bill of Rights. These rights would be the first amendments to the Constitution. Some of the rights discussed in the convention did not make it into the Bill of Rights (such as religious exception to government service, national language, and national religion) and some of the rights proposed by the House did not pass the Senate (such equal protection to all citizens under the law-which was eventually passed as the 14th Amendment after the Civil War, limiting of congressional compensation-which was eventually passed as the 27th Amendment, and a guarantee of proportional representation).

Consider the Bill of Rights and the liberty-based amendments to the Constitution. What right or liberty do you feel should be included in our basic protections under the Constitution? Why is your chosen liberty important enough to warrant universal protection by the government? Obviously, there are always exceptions to “freedoms” granted (such as limits on the freedom of speech). What, if any, limits would you consider reasonable for the government to place on your chosen liberty?

***Please do not argue for a liberty that is already covered by the Constitution and its Amendments***

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