Write an essay based on Plato’s allegory of the cave about the drug addiction to heroin

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Essay #2: Plato and Bacon

4-6 Pages – 150 Points

A. Apply the Allegory to Real-Life Issues: Ms. O’Connor applies Plato’s allegory to the problem of alcoholism. Using the list we generated in class, choose an issue in your own life (drug addiction of my husband to heroin), or that of someone close to you, which has caused you or the other person to experience the false reality of the cave. Write an essay detailing the ways in which the allegory can be a metaphor for this issue, and how it can help readers gain a deeper insight. https://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/01/08/out-of-the-cave-philosophy-and-addiction/?_r=1


*Accurately summarize and explain the text that go with your option.

*Your essay must have an overall point or thesis which should appear early in the


*You must quote from the relevant essay in the book at least three times.

*You must cite two additional outside sources, and these sources must come from

the databases.

*Sources must be integrated (see Quote Burgers).

*Sources must be cited correctly according to MLA documentation. This includes

your works cited page.

*Your essay must be a minimum of four full pages in MLA format.

*Your essay should be organized with an engaging introduction that introduces the

major works examined in the paper, logically ordered and unified body

paragraphs, and a reflective concluding paragraph.

*The writing needs to be clear.

*Your paper needs to be relatively free from errors in grammar, spelling, and


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