Write an Analysis paper about FORD using the scientific management

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Using the leader/manager selected and discussed in your first research assignment, conduct an analysis of the long-term impact your leader/manager had on the organization they managed using the organizational performance determinants discussed in Week 3 d

Frederick Winslow Taylor is the leader i have chosen that created the scientific management. i have attached a recent paper of his bio and legacy.

The company will be FORD motor company which uses scientific management.

Write a 5-7 page, APA-formatted biography on your selected leader. Your analysis paper must address the following topics:

  • Description of the Company (i.e., vision/mission, product/service, industry, etc.)
  • Organizational Performance Determinants:
    • Efficiency and process reliability
    • Human relations and resources
    • Innovation and adaptation to the environment
  • Status of the Company Today (i.e., still active, extinct, or some other configuration)

The paper should include a minimum of 5 references, properly cited in a Reference List at the end of your biography.

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