Write about Pleasure in Plato and Aristotle:

(In own words, not from online sources, write it based on the reading of two articles)

Write about Pleasure in Plato and Aristotle:

Plato in the Laws and Aristotlein the Politics discuss the role of pleasure and amusement in the life of the individual and of society. Explain Plato’s misgivings about pleasure in the Laws. Then show how Aristotle’sPoliticsprovides an account of pleasure, amusement, and leisurethat offers response to Plato. Finally, comment on whether you find Aristotle’s defense of pleasure, amusement, and leisure compelling. Examples from contemporary film and video games are welcome, though not required.

Formatting Requirements:

· 5 pages (4.5 is too short)

· 1-inch margins

· Times New Roman

· 12-pt font

· Double-spaced

· Page numbers on bottom right

· Title

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