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Assignment: Write a Research Paper Responding to the Following Questions:

  1. Use your favorite job listing Internet site. Look for postings for e-commerce managers. Find at least 10 and summarize the qualifications listed. How does this list compare to the one you developed in Relating to Your World exercise 1? What does this tell you about what we believe we need in personnel and what we seek when looking for employees?
  2. Choose a company you believe is innovative. Go to its website and find how it describes the innovative processes in its organization. How does what you learned in this module align with what the company does?
  3. Find an article or website that provides guidelines for implementing innovation in organizations. What do you think of the advice given?
  4. When you made a radical change in your life leaving home, getting married, moving to a new city what kinds of emotions and feelings did you experience? Was there stress associated with the change? As you reflect on that change, what lessons did you learn that you can use to help others who are facing changes in the workplace from the implementation of new technologies? What did you learn about yourself and your reaction to innovation and change implementation?

APA format, at least four references

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