Write a policy about cyberbullying after watching prompt video

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You have been hired to write a policy to address the cyberbullying that has taken place in your town. Watch the video below from your local school district and think about what sort of policy could be developed to address this issue. Should it be limited to a school policy? A town ordinance? (An ordinance is a law passed by a municipal government such as a city, town, village, or borough). A state law?

How broad should the policy be? Should it include all posting on social media? Should it be limited to posting videos? What would constitute bullying? How would you define bullying in your policy? What should it say?

Should there be punishment outlined in the policy and if so what should it be? Should all those involved in the bullying be punished or should it be limited to the individual who filmed and posted the video?

What about the unintended consequences of an anti-bullying policy. Can you identify some? Your initial post must be 150 words and you must reply to 2 classmates with a minimum response of 50 words each

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