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Nutri-case: AMBER

Amber, like many Americans, is overweight. After years of dieting and losing weight ‎and then gaining it back again, she is now more than 40 pounds overweight. She ‎can’t figure out why it is so hard for her to lose weight and keep it off.

She decides ‎that something must be wrong with her to be such a dieting failure. Maybe she has ‎an abnormal metabolism, or maybe she just doesn’t have sufficient willpower. She ‎feels tired most of the time and has very little energy.

She is very busy with two kids ‎and has a demanding job as an elementary school teacher. She tries to cook healthy ‎meals for her family but is often too tired and stressed to bother, so she stops to get ‎fast food on her way home. To make matters worse, her 7-year-old son recently ‎came home from school and said the kids were teasing him for being fat. Amber ‎decides that it is time to make some major changes for the entire family, but she ‎really doesn’t know where to start. She hopes that she can help her son by finding a ‎diet that works for him. A further issue that complicates Amber’s circumstance is the ‎fact that her husband doesn’t have a weight problem, which she must take into ‎account when considering any changes in family meal planning or lifestyle.

She ‎decides to do something she’s never before thought necessary — she makes an ‎appointment with a Registered Dietitian. ‎

Which of Amber’s challenges to weight loss do you think the RD should prioritize ‎first, second, third? Discuss how and why each challenge is meaningful. Given her ‎challenges, what advice and strategies do you think the RD will offer Amber? If ‎Amber chose to take only one piece of the RD’s advice, which piece (or what change) ‎do you think would be most beneficial to Amber?‎

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