Write a 5 page paper about social justice following the requirement below after reading 3 materials.

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Assignment Question

Social justice is a dominant theme in the writings of both Thomas Sankara and Chinua Achebe, while Amilcar Cabral represents culture as a bulwark against annihilation. First, discuss whether or not this is an accurate representation of the authors’ views; and second, what are your views on each of the authors central argument.

General Instructions:

  • Carefully read and follow the instructions to avoid deduction of points.
  • Assignment is due next week, Oct 23. Bring your paper to class.
  • Write 5 full pages; nothing less, more is fine.
  • Essay begins on the first line of page 1 and ends on last line of page 5 or page 6.
  • Your name and the question must be on the cover page NOT on the first page of the essay.
  • List all the articles utilized on page 6, in alphabetical order, last name first. Do not use any materials other than the course readings.

Formatting Instructions:

  • Times New Roman,
  • Font 12,
  • Double-spaced,
  • One inch (1”) margins all around,
  • Paragraph indent = 0.5.”
  • Spacing between paragraphs = 0.0.”
  • Pages number should be at the bottom right of the page.

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