Write 5 pages with APA style on The Global Warming Challenge Results from Different Factors.

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Write 5 pages with APA style on The Global Warming Challenge Results from Different Factors. There are high chances of water supplies being contaminated by floods, and as a result, crops could be washed away. Global warming leads to a rise of the sea, which makes the water to cover numerous low land islands. Consequently, many people, animals, and plants on the islands suffer. Plants die, and animals lack food. Although animals might be able to adapt to this situation, they also die with time. People lose food (animals and plants) and their homes. The algae in oceans are also harmed and die.

Within the last century, the temperature of the planets has increased by approximately one degree Celsius. The hottest years were experienced between 1997 and 2003. By the close of the century, the United Nations predicts that the global temperatures will have increased by 3- 10 degrees Celsius, and this will see all the polar caps melted. As a result, the countries’ borders will be ruined. Great monuments and buildings will also be under the water, including New York City.

Since childhood, I always have had a deep passion for nature, life, and science since I was a primary school scholar. After that, I joined numerous campaigns. I have also been engaging in personal research by experimenting with myself depending on the science subjects learned at school, as well as reading. These aspects are still part of daily life, and my main goal is ensuring that I can make a contribution to curbing global warming.

Since the global warming argument’s inception and eruption during the 1980s in popular and scientific literature, the environmental change aspect has been under exploration by people in astronomy, biological sciences, geosciences, as well as environmental sciences. Fields such as engineering, agriculture, medicine, population statistics and demographics, political science, and economics have also made contributions in the debates. In literature, there are discussions about the intricate connections between these disciplines. Different authors have made attempts of integrating them, as well as developing meaningful conclusions as well as potentially useful solutions.

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