Write 11 pages thesis on the topic algorithms for breast cancer decision phase.

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Write 11 pages thesis on the topic algorithms for breast cancer decision phase. The detection and diagnosis of breast cancer in its very early stage boosts the chance for the total recovery and successful treatment of the patient. The best presently available radiological technique for the early detection of breast cancer is screening mammography. Ongoing improvements and advances in imaging technologies have enhanced the sensitivity of breast cancer diagnosis and detection. however, every modality is mainly beneficial when utilized according to traits of the individual such as breast density age, and risk (2).

Mammography is considered to be the gold standard in the assessment of breast lesions from an imaging viewpoint. Magnetic resonance imaging and Ultrasound examination are being offered as adjuncts to the pre and postoperative workup and as diagnostic techniques. Regardless of all of these advances, no particular imaging modality is capable of characterizing and identifying all breast abnormalities.

&nbsp.It is an x-ray test of the breasts in an asymptomatic woman. The diagnostic mammography assessment is performed on symptomatic women who have an irregularity found during screening mammography (5). Currently, in a good number of hospitals, screen-film mammography is being substituted with digital mammography. Using digital mammography a special electronic x-ray detector that changes the image into a digital mammogram is used to capture the image of the breast for viewing or storing on a computer monitor.

&nbsp.Every breast is imaged independently in mediolateral-oblique (MLO) view and craniocaudal (CC) view. Provisions have been developed to explain lesion classification, breast density and lesion features. Screening mammography facilitates the detection of early signs of breast cancer such as bilateral asymmetry, masses, architectural distortion and calcifications.

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