world history essay paper 1

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    1. Read these primary source documents concerning different rationales for Crusades and exploration.

      2.Write an essay (3 pages) to compare these three leaders and the motivations and ideologies behind each conquest. Use these questions to guide your thinking: •What ideology does Pope Urban share in his call to initiate the Crusades?

      •What does Mangu Chan’s willingness to have the debate demonstrate about the Mongols’ motivation for conquest?

      •What ideology does Christopher Columbus reveal as he describes his first interaction with the native people he encounters?

      •Compare the role of religion in the ideology of the three leaders described in these works. If religion is a factor, how does it guide the speech and actions of the leader? If it is not a factor, how does it guide the actions of those who are motivated by religious ideals?

      •Consider what you have learned about the history of the Crusades, the Mongol conquests, and the conquest of the Americas. Compare how the ideologies expressed in the primary source documents reflect in the results of those events.

      •Use one or more of these ideologies and its results to argue for or against a modern armed conflict. Include at least one quote from a primary source.

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