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QUESTIONS (Pls answer only the yellow highlighted portion abt GUIDANCE. Not more than 45 words pls)

Now that you have clearly defined the problem and gathered data that validates it, it is time to propose the solution.

Working in your assigned groups, write a 500- to 750-word paper addressing the following:

• An description of the possible/feasible solutions.

• A justification for the chosen solution.

• A description of the process that was used to choose the solution. This should include what ethical, social, professional, and economic considerations were made in choosing your solution. Specifically, explain how a moral and ethical decision was made. Provide biblical citations to support the decision and explain the relevance.

• An explanation of what guidance one or more professional organizations in your field offered. How did this impact the solution choice? (Not more than 45 words)

Possible/Feasible Solutions

Several potential solutions exist for the identified problem in the context of IoT devices. These include enhanced data encryption protocols, robust authentication mechanisms, regular firmware updates, and comprehensive security audits. Another solution would include direct ways for users to interact with IoT devices to improve security, such as whitelisting and firewalls; however, these could be implemented in a way that even people who struggle with technology could easily use. Implementing these measures would strengthen the security and privacy of IoT devices, thereby mitigating potential vulnerabilities and risks.

Chosen Solution

From these solutions, we believe that the best solution would be to use a simplified, open-source whitelisting program. Whitelisting is an effective way of protecting systems since it can block out any traffic that is not explicitly allowed. Such a method could be implemented in a way that would be easy for any user to interact with. Additionally, due to its open-source design, users could read and examine the source code, which would increase trust since anybody could see how data was collected and if there were any security flaws. Doing so would promote user security and privacy as well as increase consumer trust.


We chose this solution by considering several criteria. First, we wanted a solution that was ethical. Because we aimed to develop some universal standard for IoT devices, we understood that we needed to have something that was seen by consumers as trustworthy and reliable. This led us to develop a solution that involved open-source software as this would exemplify our goals in several ways. For example, because people can see the source code, tech-savvy people could analyze the code for potential privacy concerns. They can see what kinds of data are being sent to the company as well as how much. Even having the program open-source in the first place shows that we are not afraid of people looking at what the program is doing and how it is doing it.

Second, we wanted a solution that was secure. The rising number of cyberattacks that occur each year has several negative implications on professional and critical industries, and the effects of a cyberattack on such an industry could indirectly affect consumers as well. Because of this, we wanted to ensure that the solution we developed had proper safeguards against potential attacks. This was another factor that led us to consider open-source as a possibility. Since anybody can view the source code, it can be analyzed by security experts, allowing them to detect vulnerabilities before hackers do. This can allow for more security patches and quicker responses to potential threats, and these responses can be deployed to all users since the solution would be universal.

Finally, we wanted a solution that would be sustainable. While open-source software can technically be considered “free” since anybody could copy the source code and republish it as a new piece of software, it can still easily be a sustainable business model by using crowdfunding as the primary source of revenue. Anybody who supports the values of the company and sees potential in the product can provide monthly or yearly support to keep the project going. Additionally, it could even be licensed to manufacturers, which could also provide another source of revenue for this software.



While there are many possibilities for solving the privacy and security issues plaguing IoT devices, we believe that simplified, open-source whitelisting could provide many benefits. It would increase trust in consumers by allowing them to view the source code, which would also promote security and privacy. Each decision we made in developing this solution had ethical and Biblical reasoning behind it. Additionally, we ensured that we followed standard, organizational guidelines to help us develop a solution that would be viable and effective. Implementing this solution will allow for a more secure and trustworthy IoT landscape while simultaneously ensuring the long-term success of businesses and protecting the interests and safety of individuals.

(Field is Cyber security) 100-150 words

Select a professional organization in your field and describe its core values, mission statements, and codes of conduct. Do you think your selected organization’s core values need to be updated? Why or why not?

Replies. 75-100 words

A Terrence

For my cybersecurity field, I chose Sands as my organization of choice. Sands core value is impeccable service, business performance, innovation, fairness and honesty, sustainability. The Sands mission statement is to provide the world’s most iconic Integrated Resorts that drive business and leisure tourism through sustainable business practices. My personal opinion is that the core value should not be changed. It weighs options, makes decisions, and is aligned with the core value’s purpose. For that reason, I do not think it should be changed.

B Christopher

For my organization, I would choose the United States Marine Corps. This branch of the military offers cybersecurity positions comparable to those of a large corporation, and each Marine is instilled with three fundamental values. The three core values are honor, courage, and commitment. These three basic values serve as the organization’s foundation and facilitate comprehension of the code of conduct. Members of the military must adhere to numerous rules and regulations. I do not believe that the values should be altered. I believe they have existed for an extended period of time and have guided the majority of members effectively. 

C Alex

Cisco is one of the most well known technology companies which seems to have good core values. One of the good things about cybersecurity as a field is that it is needed in almost every company. For my company I researched a aviation and defense technology company for cybersecurity related positions and they have great core values which create the foundation of what the company wants to stand for. What is your chosen career path? Is Cisco the company you see yourself working for in the future?

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