Wk 5 discussion [due thurs] wk 5 discussion

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Respond to the following two-part question in a minimum of 175 words:

  • Part 1: 
  • Click on the “Sacred Sites” link. Select a sacred place by clicking on one of the bubbles on the map. Keep looking until you find one that appeals to you. Write a few sentences (or more if you like) explaining why you liked this sacred site: Sacred Sites From Around the World(Some, but not all of these sites can work for the Week Five Outline Summative.)
  • Part 2: 
  • Have you ever visited a place that can be considered sacred? Do you consider your experience there sacred? What is it that made the location sacred or not?
  • Can secular places and objects be sacred? Discuss why or why not. 

Use examples from this week’s reading in your response.

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