Wk 4 discussion

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Respond to the following two-part question in a minimum of 175 words. Please use only one post to respond to all questions below:

  • Part 1: Are heroes and villains mutually exclusive roles or can a hero commit a villainous act and can a villain act heroically? Give examples referring to one contemporary (roughly from our time) movie or book, such as The Avengers, Lord of the Rings, Black Panther, Lion King, Thor, Spiderman, Wonder Woman.
  • Part 2: Provide an example of an archetype using the same film or book to which you referred for the above question. Try searching the words “archetype” combined with the name of the film or book of your choice.
  • Example: 
  • Film: Batman 
  • Archetype: Robin as the “Sidekick” archetype.
  • Example: Film: Hunger Games
  • Archetype: Peeta as the “Love Interest” archetype

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