Will someone help me with my personal diversity paper about the spanish (Spain) culture?

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Personal Diversity Paper:This paper will require you to understand the values of your own culture (subculture) and what it means to be American, Thai, Japanese, etc. Try to locate the foremost authorities on your culture (look for anthropologists, cross-cultural experts, country experts). Use reputable, published scholarly sources and don’t rely solely on online resources. Don’t wait until the last minute to do your research.

You will also discuss some of the individual differences that make you behave differently than others from your same national culture. You will rely on information about personality and other diversity dimensions to complete this part of the paper.

The first part of this paper should include your national culture’s key 3 – 5 values accompanied by behavioral examples in a table. The national culture you selected should be the one in which you were raised. If you are the first or second generation of your family in a particular country, you may also want to discuss the national culture of your parents. The second part of the executive summary will be an overview of your individual diversity dimensions. You should list the 5 – 8 most important values or behavioral patterns for you as an individual and a future employee. Give examples of these values and of how you know these values and/or behavioral patterns are important to you.

Finally explain what your ideal work environment would be based on what you have learned about your national culture as well as your individual differences. Be specific as to what type of work environment would be most motivating to you and make specific links to your national culture and individual preferences. You should be able to identify 5 – 8 company/management policies, procedures and cultures that would be ideal for you. This should be a 3 to 5 double spaced paper.

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