Why you feel Illinois State University is a good fit for your educational goals, your academic strengths/weaknesses, and any circumstances which affected your academic performance.

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Guideline: The responses have to be well thought out and complete with professionalism. The responses have to also correspond with the questions completely and be answered completely.


Your personal statement should be apprimately 500 words and explain: Why you feel Illinois State University is a good fit for your educational goals, your academic strengths/weaknesses, and any circumstances which affected your academic performance.

Initially, when making career choices, I paid little attention to the importance of my passion for the career and how I impact that profession. Now, these two factors are at the center of most decisions I make in my career. Despite growing up in a home where both my mother and step-father did not complete  or earn bachelor’s degrees; I never considered Health Information Management/Administration (HIM/HIA) for a profession until ….. (talk about what made you want to an HIM, ie. an encounter with an RHIA, or talking to counseling or something). I knew I wanted to pursue a career in healthcare because of my compassionate nature, but I was not sure exactly what I wanted to do. When I was first faced with the task of declaring a major in college, I was not sure of my choices, so wanted to start college as an undecided student. I, however, did not want my family and friends to think of me as an “indecisive student” so started my tertiary education with a major in nursing. I quickly realized nursing was not for me (…. You can state reasons why nursing was not for you if you can come up with one or two reasons).

After changing my academic major to HIA, there was no doubt in my mind, I have finally found the right academic major for me….. (state or talk why you think HIM/HIA is right major for you; talk about your strengths and how you use them in HIA/HIM (or as an HIM/HIA).

Shortly after changing my major, I also realized this decision set me back a couple of semesters in my tertiary education.  For most people, this may be nothing but a minor disappointment for not graduating on time, but for  me whose parents are lower class African immigrants, the financial cost was equal if not more important.  I became even more concerned when the Chicago State University started charging all college of health science students extra fees that put even more strain on my finances. Also, the lack of instructors and the schools inability to secure clinical sites and other necessary resources has made it much more difficult for me to focus on my academic work. I, therefore, made the decision to transfer to a prestigious and respected university such as Illinois’s first public university; Illinois State University. ……. (You can now talk about why ISU is a good fit for your academic goal…. ) There is a multitude of reason why I believe that Illinois State University is a good fit for my educational goals. Attending Illinois State University will allow for me utilize the my strengthens on being a focused student with great time management skills. I am a determined individual that is open to a diverse style of constantly learning from different perspectives. Being a Health Information Management student transferring to Illinois State University will catapult me to strengthening areas that I may be weak in. Some of my weaknesses consist of public speaking and learning new things in a timely fashion.

(Or you can add this for reasons you think ISU if a good fit for you ……. I made the decision to earn my bachelor of science in HIM mainly for reasons that include quality of education. With Illinois State University being ranked in the top one hundred public universities in the country, I am certain I will receive an excellent level of education, at a reputable institution that is truly committed to the success of its students.)

If I am given the opportunity to continue my education at ISU, my goal is to successfully the Bachelor of science in HIM at by the end of 2017, obtain an RHIA certification, pursue a master’s degree in HIM. This will prepare me to make effective workforce planning, and help make decisions that will positively affect my practice. I fully intend to pursue this degree at ISU as well. My goal is to one day be a director, health information management and privacy at a hospital in the near future (what is your biggest career goal). I also plan to ultimately give back by teaching at one of my alma maters as an HIM/HIA instructor.

If you have more space or somewhere else to write, make sure you put this there;


Grades for Spring 2015

HIA 3910 (Technical Professional Practice); Instructor was unable to secure a clinical site on time, so she asked the entire class to request an incomplete grade while the class performs their experience over the summer. The instructor will update grades by the end of fall 2015 semester.

HIA 3100 (Alternative Health Care Systems); awaiting final grades from this class as well. The instructor asked students to request incomplete grades due to her inability to complete grading all assignments on time. The instructor will update grades by the end of fall 2015 semester.

Expecting a passing grade for both classes. Will send an updated transcript to Illinois State University  once theses grades have been updated and posted. In the mean time I hope my application will be given the necessary attention and consideration. Thank you.

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