Why is title of this film An Inconvenient Truth?

Name: Ahmad Alabbad Questions for An Inconvenient Truth
Please answer these questions while you watch the film.
1. Why is title of this film An Inconvenient Truth? What does that mean? 2. Why does this documentary include actual television footage of Gore and other news
reports? 3. Gore explains that some people assume that the earth is so big people cannot have a
lasting impact on it. What are two ways in which this film explains that people are having
an impact on our earth? 4. How does Gore explain what the idea of global warming is to viewers of this film? 5. One of Gore’s former science professors in college figured out the impact that CO2
(carbon dioxide) has on the earth’s temperatures. What is one problem that is caused
when the levels of CO2 rise? 6. How does Gore tell his “story” to his audience? What does he use/do to convince
audiences that we need to do something about global warming? 7. Gore states that global warming is a moral/ethical issue more than a political issue.
How can we change and slow down global warming? 8. What was gore’s life-changing event that caused him to focus on climate change more
than he had before that event? (This is when Gore asked himself – “How should I spend
my time on this earth?”) 9. What are two of the problems people see/feel when the temperature increases? (Be
specific please). 10. What makes An Inconvenient Truth an effective documentary film?

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