Which one of the three inherent strengths of your personality type will help you achieve your specific goal, and how?

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Referring to the work you completed (Accessing Strength and
Weaknesses) answer the following:

  • Which one of the three inherent strengths of your personality type will help you achieve your specific goal, and how?
  • Describe how specific courses in your academic plan of study will help you compensate for each of the three inherent weaknesses of your personality type. For example, you could describe the KSAs you will gain from specific courses.
  • Given what you have learned throughout this course, what additional ideas do you have to nurture your nature in a way that will lead to success in achieving your specific goal?

Lecture from this week in the class:

As you learned in the Module One discussion, people pursue college degrees for different reasons. Regardless of what your specific goal is, choosing the BA.GS degree to help you accomplish that goal highlights your innovative nature and your determination to complete a long-term goal related to your personal and/or professional ambitions. To gain the most value from your studies, you translated your unique motivation into a SMART strategy for achieving your goal and a design for your degree program, the academic plan of study. As you move further along the path toward achieving your specific goal, you will learn how to help others understand that your BA.GS degree and academic plan of study are more than just a collection of courses that interest you; instead, they are an innovative pathway for achieving your ambitions, and they will help you gather the resources and support you need to achieve those ambitions. As you implement your SMART strategy, continue to focus on leveraging your inherent strengths and compensating for your weaknesses. Exercise the characteristics of grit (courage, conscientiousness, endurance, resilience, and excellence) and persist, even if you face challenges to accomplishing your goal. Think about ways to become a T-shaped professional with deep expertise in your concentration and a breadth of other KSAs in complementary domains.Given what you heard in the How to Believe in Yourself TED Talk and what you learned about your personality type, how can you “nurture your nature” in a way that influences your academic plan of study and leads you to success in the BA.GS program?

Please follow the guidelines from the pdf file included. I need 3-4 paragraph for this.

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