When I was a teenager, my mom used to tell me, " you will probably marry to someone far away."

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When I was a teenager, my mom used to tell me, " you will probably
marry to someone far away."
I asked "why? Because I am annoying?"
"Yes, but not because of that… It’s because you like to hold chopsticks
close to the top." She said.
I replied with a frown, "How far?"
She laughed and said, " Not sure; it is just a superstition."
It was funny to think about this scene. It turned out that I am married
to 6142.8 Miles away from my hometown. Perhaps as the superstition
says, the closer you hold chopsticks to the top, the farther dishes you
can reach, that represents someone might have a desire to expand
their horizons to explore their world. Maybe it is my fate to come to
another country to meet my another half in life.
Somehow, it sounds romantic to fall in love with someone out of your
country or culture. One hand, because of the differences between
nationalities, cultures, and point of views are mixed with more
imagination, curiosity, and attraction. Another hand, in some Asian
countries, "White Fever" becomes a trend that some people are
obsessively attracted to exotic looks, such as the deep-set eyes,
blonde hair, pointy nose and big blue eyes as the Galaxy, and also
stereotype that Caucasians are superior in physical strength.
However, not all love story are like most of the fairy tales – Prince and
Princess lived happily forever and ever. When a relationship converts to
a partnership and more commitments, family responsibilities, and
financial factors blend into it, love is not only simply between two
individuals but also expand to their family.
Marriage is a contract that both of you agree to plant a tree together
on the foundation of affection. The more tough challenges, firm
conflicts, and stormy conditions it has been through, the more thriving
and flourishing the tree (marriage) will grow. Furthermore, under
cultural difference, mixed marriages have more disputes and
discussions to deal with along the road of their wedlock.
I would like to discuss more marriage problems that related to cultural
shock. We will consult about what most dilemmas and obstacles occur
between Caucasian husband and Chinese wife.

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