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Question 1:

You have been named team leader for a new product and service for our organization. You must select and organize the project team.

  • What will be your first steps in building a team, and how will you achieve these steps?

  • How will you select the team members and gain commitment from them?

(500 Words)


Question 2:

Describe how an organization with which you are familiar has established and used project teams. Consider the following issues: organizational policy on teams: how teams are organized; team size, membership, and leadership; strengths, weaknesses, and suggestions for improvement in using teams; and team building techniques.

(500 Words)


Question 3:

Using problem solving techniques, select a current business challenge. Analyze the problem and select an appropriate solution.

(300 words)


Question 4:

Select a conflict with which you are familiar, one that is common in your organization or one which is now ongoing.

  • Examine the position of both sides.

  • Describe the basis of the conflict and the parties to it (no names)

  • What conflict resolution would you suggest for each side?

  • What conflict resolution would you suggest for best resolving the conflict?

  • How was the conflict addressed?

  • What could have been done better or differently?

(500 Words)

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