What is a Dear Anu letter?

What is a Dear Anu letter?

You will write a brief letter in the form of an anonymous letter to an advice columnist–Dear Anu. (Similar to a Dear Abby, Dear Prudence, Ask Jane, etc type of letter).

Guidelines for your letter:

–should be about a “real-life” INTERPERSONAL communication challenge/issue that you have recently experienced or are experiencing (in any interpersonal context)

–should be written with enough detail to give us a clear picture of what the challenge/issue is, who the interactants are and why this is a relevant issue challenge/issue for you.

–should include some kind of “question” as part of it in order to indicate what you want help resolving/discussing

–should be no longer than 1-2 paragraphs (single-spaced).

–should indicate at the end a rating of 1-5 (1 = really important to me and I want some advice on it, while 5 = important, but okay if I didn’t get advice on it).

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