What form of management do you prefer and why?

PAD 3003 Intro to Public Administration Module 4 Chapters 7-8 do not place in turnitin

Module 4 Discussion – Part 1 respond to this question based on chapters 7-8

What form of management do you prefer and why?

Part 2 after my response to the above, respond to two other students’ posts with your opinion of their evidence and/or position statements. Responses such as, “I agree” or “good idea” are not acceptable and will receive no credit. The response must add to the scholarly dialogue presenting the reasons for your opinion and supporting documentation cited.

Respond to peer 1: Greg

My management preference would be for the Total Quality Management style (TQM). While others management styles may be appropriate for private business. I believe, especially in the case of public administration the focus should be on quality and continuous improvement. I am not a strong believer in quotas or cost saving initiatives to save, just for the sake of saving. Above all public administration is there to serve and provide for the public. That service should be of the highest quality. That’s not to say that things can’t be done better or more cost effectively, however any changes should not reflect a change in the quality of service. In private business there is more choice, individuals can decide what quality means to them and choose another product if they desire. In public administration, that service is being provided by the government for a reason and there aren’t many other choices, so quality is key to ensure “long term and long-lasting effectiveness. “


Shafritz, J. M., Russell, E. W., & Borick, C. P. (2016). Public Policy Making in a Republic. I

Introducing public administration (pp. 303-304). London: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.

Respond to peer 2: Alexa

Two of the most common approaches to management are “performance management” and “strategic management.” Performance management is often associated with businesses, and strategic management is associated with ideological or military goals. Personally, I believe they go hand-in-hand. From an everyday working experience, I prefer the performance management theory because it outlines specific goals, provides incentives, and has specific review periods to understand what is being done correctly and what needs to be improved. The performance management is extremely effective for both long-term and short-term goals, but the strategic management theory often plays in the true beliefs and ideologies of an organization. Just like you have to have both managers and leaders, as previously discussed in earlier modules, so too should an organization have both performance goals and ideological goals, for this is where true motivation and satisfaction lie. Strategic management should really be used to describe the “vision” of the company and the overall goals it wishes to achieve, whereas the performance management handles the smaller goals and processes to achieving the larger goal.


Shafritz, J. M., Russell, E. W., & Borick, C. P. (2013). Introducing Public Administration (8th Edition) (8th ed.). Pearson.

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