Week two Assignment

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Part 2 – Multimedia Elements and Branding

Continuing with the course project you started in Week 1, this week the focus will be on finalizing the multimedia elements and the branding options for the pages in the website. This week, complete the following tasks by adding to your HTML page and Microsoft PowerPoint presentation from Week 1.

Week 2 Tasks:


Using the HTML basics you got from Week 1, create a new page with the title Express Holiday Travel and save it as index.html. Instead of using placeholder text, add the content of your home page in text form to the page. Add CSS to format the text and practice using the <img> and <a> tags to place an image and a link into your page. Next week, you will have to create the final implementation of your index.html page, so it is important to work through using these tags and tools now!


Modify your PowerPoint presentation used to design and plan your site to include the following:

  • Include at least four images for each destination page.
  • Include descriptive or introductory text for each destination (this should be two to three paragraphs in length per destination).
  • Create a logo for the website.
  • Design three navigation options for the website. Each option should include links for all the pages. You will use one of these options in the final design.
  • Design two banners for the website. You will eventually use one of them.
  • Select two or three video clips to use in the website. Associate keywords with them that relate to your course project, such as Seaside Resort, Rocky Mountain, Biking, and so on.
  • Select the embed code to stream the videos and paste it as text in your Microsoft PowerPoint slides for use in HTML files later. Ensure that you cite the sources of the videos.
  • Select and download an audio clip that you would include in the website. For example, you can play the sound of chirping of birds when showing an image of a forest. However, restrict the size of the audio files to 200 KB each. Be sure to cite the source of the audio file.
  • Adjust the layout of the website, based on feedback on the initial site plan.

Submit your PowerPoint design file along with the HTML page from the Implementation section to the submission folder. Cite any sources in APA format.

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