Week 8: Discussion 2:, Assignment 9, and Assignment 11 ( are separate assignments, but needs 8 9 and 11 to be completed ) Week 8: Discussion 2 Question: Research Topic: Gun Violence Among Youth If not

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Week 8: Discussion 2:, Assignment 9, and Assignment 11 ( are separate assignments, but needs 8 9 and 11 to be completed )

Week 8: Discussion 2 Question:

Research Topic: Gun Violence Among Youth

If nothing else, research is a systematic process that demands the observers be meticulously objective about the steps taken. The process ensures that the researcher is able to conclude with an accurate assessment of the answers to the proposed questions in a manner that is replicable. Each step logically follows the preceding one. It is also pertinent that researchers remain open to and seek peer feedback, as all research falls victim to limitations. Therefore, this assignment allows us to examine the foundation of our research while simultaneously receiving feedback from fellow classmates.

By Day 3 of Week 8

In this practice area,


at least two operationalized variables or survey questions you plan to include in your research proposal. Your Instructor may also share exemplars or problematic definitions/survey items for you to examine and critique.

Assignment 9: Part I of research proposal

For this Assessment, you will design a research proposal for a crime issue affecting your community or region. Though you do not need to carry out the research proposal, it should be an implementable plan. The goal of this exercise is to allow you to look at criminal justice issues from the point of view of a researcher, examining the different facets of an issue that need to be taken into account to conduct research. This competency should expand your awareness of theories, designs, and methods that can be used to conduct criminal justice research, should you continue your studies at the doctoral level or be required to conduct research in your career.

The Assessment:

Research Proposal

Research Topic: Gun Violence Among Youth

Design a study to examine the effect of crime on your community from both a quantitative and qualitative approach. Your study proposal should be 3–5 pages long and must include the following:

1.Choose a particular crime that is present in your community. Identify what is not yet known about the relationship between that particular crime and its effect on the community.

2.Formulate a research question that you could explore in a research study. Your question should be an extension of current research.

3. Select a population and a sampling technique to use for the research proposal. Describe the target population (including size of the population and other demographic and socioeconomic conditions, if known) and how you plan to sample it or whether you plan to use existing data.

4.  Define your research variables (independent and dependent). Provide conceptual definitions of the key variables you need to measure.

5. Explain/ how you would measure each variable.

6.  Identify survey instrument (if used): a list of survey questions that you would need to ask (if you plan to conduct a survey). If you choose existing data, be sure to provide evidence of reliability and validity and a description of the sample, concepts, and measures used in the original study. Also identify any limitations of the existing data.

7.  Provide a description of mixed-methods approach taken.

Assignment 11: Part II: Presentation of Executive Summery

Research Topic: Gun Violence Among Youth

For this Assignment, you will deliver an executive summary of your research proposal. You will place yourself in the shoes of a criminal justice professional who must win buy-in for your research proposal by justifying its importance to a superior or other decision-making stakeholder. Your executive summary should be a synthesis of your proposal that allows your audience to quickly understand its purpose and goals.

You are a criminal justice professional who must present your research proposal to the chief/board/person who will approve the research. You must give a high-level executive summary of your proposal in a 2-minute proposal presentation.

Presentation must Include:

Issue research will address

Need for the approach you selected to address the problem

Focus of your research

Benefits of conduct the research for the agency and ultimately community

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