week 4 validity

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Week 4 Validity, Reliability, and Practicality Essay

· Points 100

Based on what you have learned this week, compare and contrast the meanings of the validity, reliability, and practicality of assessment methods. In three or more pages, discuss the four major considerations for assessment validation and practical usage in nursing educational settings, using the guidelines provided below:

· Compare and contrast the meanings of validity, reliability, and practicality of assessment methods. What are the similarities and differences?

· What are the nuances of each term, and how do they all work together to form comprehensive assessment in nursing education?

· What evidence should you look for in an assessment that ensures the assessment is reliable and valid?

· What do you do if you determine an assessment is not reliable, valid, or practical for use?

The essay should be written using APA (6th ed.) formatting and, in addition to the course texts, should use at least two outside sources from scholarly journals as support for your opinions.

Review the rubric for grading criteria.






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