Week 15 Book Club Board

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Welcome to our last Book Club meeting!


We’ve completed the novel. Well done, class!

Grab your favorite latte and spend some time discussing the novel.

Step 1 Please listen to the following song:

Step 2 Post your response to the discussion board.

1. Answer one of the following three questions in 200 words:

  • If you were making a movie of this book, who would you cast as what character? Why? Provide a link to a picture of the actor/actress, so we can all see.
  • What song/s does this book make you think of? Why? Provide a link to the song for us to hear.
  • What artist would you choose to illustrate this book? Why? Provide a link to some of that artist’s work, so we can see.

2. Answer the following question in 100 words:

What did you learn about yourself as you read this book? Why? And provide a quote to support this insight about yourself.

3. Watch the following Ojibwe video to better understand the culture.

Step 3 Read and respond to other students’ posts.

Have fun! Listen to each other’s songs, look at pictures of purposed actors/actresses, and the art of those purposed artists. Say whether you agree with the suggestions and why or why not. Shre your own as you decide.

Read the personal insights of your classmates and provide comments and questions.

These posts should be at least a full paragraph each.

Use your personal experience, if it’s relevant, to support or debate other students’ posts. If differences of opinion occur, debate the issues professionally and provide examples to support opinions.

Please respond to at least two (2) classmates.

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