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Make a follow-up of a student’s weekly discussion and respond with your opinion regarding to her post

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Heath Rainey

Thinking back over this course, what were the three most important or most interesting things you learned? How do you envision using the information you learned in your future nursing practice? What steps will you take to ensure your success in the master’s program?


The three most important or interesting things I learned in this course are collaboration time under a physician, how recently the family nurse practitioner (FNP) profession was created, and the requirements to maintain the nurse practitioner license. I think it is important that FNPs collaborate with a physician.  After earning my FNP, I must collaborate with a physician to practice in the state of Virginia for five years before opening my own clinic (Virginia Board of Nursing, 2022).  I know I will gain much-needed experience from collaboration with a physician before I become a seasoned FNP.  I also found it interesting how new the FNP is comparatively in the world of medicine.  The nurse practitioner is relatively new and was created out of necessity in the mid-twentieth century.  In the 1960s, pediatric primary care providers were few, so the nurse practitioner role was created. (DeNisco & Barker, 2015)  I found it important that I must continually educate myself and teach others to maintain the FNP.  Recertification of the nurse practitioner license requires 75 approved continuing education hours and completing one of eight requirements of a professional development category such as 120 preceptor hours for nursing or advanced practice nursing students (American nurses credentialing center, 2023). 



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