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This assignment is due on July 1, 2023, at 5:00.


For this lesson’s assignment, create a PowerPoint or Kaltura presentation for your future dissertation candidate self.  The presentation is to be narrated and accompanied with visuals.  Also, submit a written copy of the outline or narration of topics/concepts covered in your presentation.  The written copy may be needed by your instructor in case your presentation is not viable.  

Inclusion in your presentation

Congratulate yourself!  Remind yourself of your strengths!  Make this assignment fun and insightful.  However, avoid personal or unprofessional content that you would not want to share with your instructor!

1. Determine where you are in your literature search.

a. Identify how far you have come.

2. Identify what you have learned; consider a visual “walk-through” of things you might forget in the next 6 months.

3. Focus on your literature search strategy. 

a. Demonstrate how to read your synthesis matrix.

b. Remind yourself of additional search terms or themes for possible exploration.

4. Gently provide for yourself an objective identification of areas to work on and outline a plan on where you might start.

a. Include possible resources (could be self-discovered resources, resources from the required and optional resource areas).

b. Consider practice activities from the Empower Yourself: Dissertation Activities section

Bottom of Form

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