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Using the Questionnaire for Values Clarification, rate your beliefs regarding the listed items. 

2.Rate your top 5 personal values. At the bottom of that questionnaire, list your values in the order of importance from what you discovered doing the assignment.
3 Write a paragraph of a minimum of 100 words (you can write more) discussing what you learned about your beliefs by doing this assignment.
4.State how regularly and consistently you act on these values.
5.Reflect on how these values may influence your communication and nursing care, support your statements by using at least one cited reference in your post.


Nurses and nursing students need to examine the values they hold about life, death, health and illness. One strategy for gaining awareness of personal values is to consider one’s attitudes about specific issues such as abortion or euthanasia asking: “Can I accept this, or live with this?” “Why does this bother me?” “What would I do or want done in this situation?” Nurses use critical thinking to reflect on various viewpoints and previous experiences that may have influenced their own current values.

Rate each of these items as either
1= Things I value very much 2= Things I value 3= Things I don’t value very much


Help Society

Do something which contributes to improving the world we live in

Help Others

Be directly included in helping other people, either individually or in small groups

Work Ethics

Feeling satisfied from a job well done

Enjoyment of life

Enjoying life, having fun in life


Being able to tell people what I really think and believe; having them be honest with me


Having other people like me


Engage in activities which pit my abilities against others

Make Decisions

Have the power to decide courses of action


Having other people think highly of me and hold me in good esteem


Be in a positon to influence the attitudes or opinions of other people


Understanding gained through study and/or experiences

Work Mastery

Become an expert in whatever work I do


Living in a peaceful, harmonious society and environment


Have the opportunity to create new things, ideas, products, works of art


Being able to do or say what I want

Good Character

Knowing inside that I do the right, moral, just thing


Sticking with people who are close to me and/or believe what I do


Being fair and just and having others treat me fairly and justly


Have a routine and duties that are largely predictable


Be assured of being safe and free from harm


Be publicly recognized


Having happy, healthy children


Experience a high degree of (or frequent) excitement


Have duties which require frequent risk-taking


Having authority over others

Economic Security

Having enough money to buy whatever I want


Having time for hobbies, sports, or other activities

Inner harmony

Being at peace with one’s self


Profit, gain, making a lot of money


Having people trust me and being able to rust them


Do activities that use my physical and/or mental capabilities


Be able to determine the nature of my day without significant direction from others

Change and Variety

Varied, frequently changing responsibilities and settings

More Fulfillment

Fee that whatever I do contributes to a set of moral standards that I feel are very important


Being a part of a close and supportive community


Experiencing love and attention daily


Being free from disease or sickness, feeling good physically


Doing what’s right according to my religious and/or spiritual beliefs


Making sure my family members are safe and healthy


Having good, reliable friends I can count on

My Five Most Essential Values- List your top five essential values (from those you rated 1 above).

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