UWS Project Manager Worksheet

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Geoff coolly surveyed his earned value table at the conclusion of month 24. It was hard to believe that two short years ago, with his membership at Match.com about to expire, he had managed to craft an ad that was both urbane and manly enough as to catch the eye of the divine Miss Smylie. (The male model photo he substituted for his own certainly didn’t hurt either.) Now he was almost done managing this critical project. Some might think him crass for taking such an approach, but he practiced what he preached at the small school where he taught.


  1. Calculate the earned value (costs in the table are in dollars) as of month 24 for this project
  2. Identify the schedule and cost variances for this project
  3. Estimate the time and cost at completion
  4. Comment on Geoff’s skills as a project manager

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