UTS Hero Movie and Budapest Grand Hotel Movie Review & Analysis Essay

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Task Description:

This assignment asks you to submit a substantively revised and supplemented version of your first essay. These are the key components:

  • You should revise your first essay in line with your tutor’s feedback.
  • If necessary or desired, you should expand that section of your essay by adding analysis of other salient formal and/or stylistic aspects to supplement your original analysis of mise-en-scene and cinematography. (Make sure that you update your claims about this sequence accordingly.)
  • You should choose another brief (1-2 minute) sequence from another of the set screenings and write a comparative analysis of how the different aspects of form and style are handled in each of the two sequences. You must, of course, have a point to make about the relationship between the two sequences. This should be stated clearly and explicitly in your revised thesis statement.
  • For this assignment, you should consult between 2 and 4 additional scholarly sources. These should relate to and help support your thesis statement. For example, if you want to do a comparative analysis of the distinctive style of two directors, you will want to find scholarly sources on those directors and, perhaps, one or two on the idea of film authorship. If you want to do a comparative analysis of film style in different national or industrial contexts, you’ll need to consult scholarship about the relevant national cinemas and the idea of national cinema in general. You are not writing a research paper; you are just get acquainted with different kinds of scholarship on film and television and adducing support for your argument.


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