ceo attended workshop natural resources and intangible assets he was confused difference bet

The CEO attended a workshop on natural resources and intangible assets. He was confused on the difference between these two types of assets and how to write-off the cost of these assets.

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He has asked you to make a presentation at the next Board of Directors meeting including the following:

  • Explain the meaning of these two assets.
  • How these two types of assets are expensed.
  • How natural resources and intangible assets are reported for financial accounting purposes.
  • Explain the basic issues related to accounting for intangible assets.
  • Show and cite examples of financial statements with either intangible assets or natural resources.
  • Choose two companies in the same industry and find their current annual reports
    • Cite both reports.
    • Determine and explain how either their natural resources or intangible are written-off.
    • Discuss the implication this has for comparing the results of these two companies.
  • Include at least two additional research references.

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