The first assignment aims to assess your knowledge and skills in data warehouse design and modern…

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The first assignment aims to assess your knowledge and skills in data warehouse design and modern

networking technologies, in the context of a real-world setting. As we have discovered in lectures and

related reading, the design phase is crucial for the effective use of a warehouse and modern networks

for analytics and AI strategy.

Melbourne City Council, the local government authority for central Melbourne and the surrounding

suburbs, is exploring opportunities and challenges of implementing “Smart City” infrastructure and

technologies for effective delivery of facilities and services, as well as efficient management processes.

Having been in local government for the past 30 years, the CEO of the Council is confident that large

volumes of data accumulated in operational systems can be capitalised towards the foundations of a

“Smart City” analytics infrastructure. She is keen to implement an organisation-wide data

warehousing solution to explore this potential. She has approached an analytics consultancy firm to

start on this project. The business requirements analysis and feasibility study were completed on a

positive note. You have been recruited as the dimensional model specialist to complete the data

warehouse design phase.

During the first meeting with senior management of the Council, it was revealed that Urban planning

and building regulation, Public events, Community health services, Regulation of food premises, and

Waste management, are the primary areas of strategic interest that can equal parts generate new

revenue and provide a personalised service to residents and visitors, at scale. There was also

discussion about the forthcoming opportunities of new technologies; IoT, 5G and Edge computing that

can significantly improve the individual and community experience offered within a Smart City

context. Several others raised concerns about the ethical issues of using wearables and sensors to

track or monitor individuals, but also drew parallels to other smart city initiatives, in Singapore, Oslo

and London.


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