Cars arrive at a Car Washing with interarrival times that are IID exponential random variables…

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cleaning the cars; cars arriving when both people are occupied join a FIFO queue. The

time for one person to wash a car is distributed uniformly between 0.5 and 1.5 hour. If

only one car is in the Car Washing, both people wash the car and the (remaining) cleaning

time is cut in half. When two cars are in the Car Washing, one person works on each car.

If both people are washing one car when a second car arrives, one of the people

immediately begins serving the second car and the remaining service time of the first car

is doubled.

Assuming that no cars are in the Car Washing at time 0, run the simulation for 90 days (8

hours per day) and:

1. Compute the minimum, maximum, and average time that cars are in the Car

Washing (which includes their time in slots)

2. Estimate the expected utilization of each slot and of the people.


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