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Research Report (20%)

Important note:This is an individual assignment. You must complete the task independently. If you submit a report that is similar to any of

your classmate’s reports it will be considered academic dishonesty. Refer to the Macquarie University Academic Honesty Procedure and associated

documents. Please also refer to the submission instruction as per unit guide.

Estimated student workload:30 hours

Learning outcomes

1. Critically evaluate the role of accounting information systems in business organisations in achieving organisational goals and governance

2. Evaluate systems development methodologies and the role of accountants in system development projects


Your task is to write a report that critically analyses the adoption of cloud based accounting information systems (AIS) in business organisations and

discuss challenges and benefits of cloud based environment. You are required to conduct a literature review and analysis using academic journal

articles through the library databases on the topic of cloud based AIS adoption and diffusion in business organisations. Your report must be structured

as follows:

1) Introduction (100 words) – Provide an overview of the report that follows.

2) Overview of cloud computing (300 words) – Provide an explanation of cloud computing and its functionalities. Provide examples of other

commercial cloud based AIS systems available on the market.

3) Challenges and benefits (700 words)-Discuss accounting challenges and benefits that have been identified in the research literature (academic

journal articles you reviewed) concerning cloud based AIS adoption.

4) Recommendation (300 words) – From your literature review, provide recommendations of success factors for cloud based AIS adoption.

5) Conclusion (100 words) – Summarise and synthesise the report.

ACCG 922


Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance

Research Project


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