Biomechanical Physics and Computation……………………

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(b) Let us say that a bowler releases the ball after rotating the arm by 2250. As the ball is rotating about a fixed axis of rotation (around the shoulder), we can use rotational kinematics to analyze the kinematics and kinetics of the ball. Estimating the torque applied about the shoulder is 100 Nm (i) The work done by torque for the angular displacement is very similar to the work equation for rectilinear motion. W = T?. The kinetic energy of a particle undergoing rotational motion KE = 0.5I?2. I is the mass moment of inertia and is a measure of the resistance of a body to rotational motion. Using these two relationships write down the angular work-energy equation equivalent to that which was presented in class for rectangular Cartesian motion. Calculate the linear, tangential velocity of the ball when it is released by the bowler at 2250. [2 marks] (ii) If you had not guessed yet from (a), the velocity we have calculated for the ball is the velocity of the ball relative to the bowler’s body. With the bowler running at 8 m/s, calculate what the magnitude of the absolute velocity of the ball is. Assume that when the ball is released, the velocity vector

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BMEN 20001: Biomechanical Physics and Computation Assessment 3 ___________________________________________________________________________ There are a total of 20 marks obtainable for this assignment. This assessment will contribute 10% to your subject marks at the end of this semester. Please submit zipped folders containing your solutions to problems and your matlab codes on the LMS system (scanned written solutions or word processor or pdf formats are accepted). Key Learning Outcomes The aim of this assessment is to help you learn to: • Apply principles of particle kinematics and particle kinetics to simulate projectile motion. • Apply principles of linear momentum and impact to determine the effect of impact on the velocity of a body. • Translate equations derived from a particle dynamics analysis into a matlab program script. DUE DATE: Friday 5 May, 11:59 pm. Each day of late submission will result in a deduction of 1% of your final mark. The aim of this assessment is to use kinematics and kinetics relationships to analyze the motion and forces during the action of cricket bowling Figure 1: a bowling run Shaun Tait is one of the fastest bowlers in the world. Check these videos out for example:; Our aim is to use some of the fundamental particle kinematics and kinetics relationships to simulate cricket bowling.Important parameters for this assignment Table 1: Default parameters for kinematics and kinetics analysis of cricket bowling Velocity of bowler’s run 8 m/s Length of arm 0.8 m Height of ball at release 2.4 m 2 Mass moment of inertia of the arm, I 0.64 kgm Mass of ball 160 g Radius of ball 50 mm Length of a cricket pitch 20 m Coefficient of restitution between ball …


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