Answered multiple chociesQuestion 11 ptsTurbine powered aircraft autopilot systems control aircraft

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Answered multiple chociesQuestion 11 ptsTurbine powered aircraft autopilot systems control aircraft attitude in how many axis?4312Question 21 ptsMany accidents have occurred over the years due to unnoticed autopilot malfunctions or to poor programming and pilot _____.IncompetencyInattentionOverloadOver confidenceQuestion 31 ptsThe process of_____is required before navigation can begin when using an FMS on an aircraft.CorrespondenceInitializationFlight planningGPS integrationQuestion 41 ptsWhat is one of the greatest challenges while operating an aircraft with EFIS and FMS capabilities?Initial trainingInterpreting the many color coded display symbolsOperation of the autopilotBecoming totally engrossed in operating the systemQuestion 51 ptsA flight director computer processes heading, attitude, and navigation information and determines what pitch or steering commands are needed to fly the aircraft correctly. This information is presented to the pilot through use of one or more _____ superimposed over the attitude indicator.Command BarsMessage barsMoving mapsCourse indicatorsQuestion 61 ptsWhat is the medium through which the flight crew interacts with the FMS computer?The Display Reversionary Panel (DRP)The Flight Data Computer (FDC)The Control Display Unit (CDU)The Annunciator PanelQuestion 71 ptsWhat navigation equipment offers navigation flexibility by allowing aircraft to proceed directly from any location to any other desired point, without having first to fly directly to or from any radio navaid.HUDRNAVVNAVACARSQuestion 81 ptsWhat navigation system receives no signal from outside the aircraft?ACARSinertial navigation system (INS)FMSLong range area navigation (LORAN)Question 91 ptsWhat is the name of the onboard computerized communication system that provides a digital, voiceless radio data link between an aircraft and its company operations center?ATISMFDACARSLORANQuestion 101 ptsWhat are some items of information that can be obtained from ACARS?Aircraft loadsFlight routingsTakeoff Power settingsATIS

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