You are a group leader in a child care centre, in charge of a group of three-year-old children… 1 answer below »

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  • You are a group leader in a child care centre, in charge of a group of three-year-old children and a roster of several educators. Each educator is responsible for making observations about each child in the group and about one child in particular. Hannah is a child in your group who you have been assigned to gather information about.

    Answer the questions in 750-2500 words.

Part 2 from above Question- All parts of question needs to be addressed you are welcome to use sub headings for each point.

Part 2

You are an educator in an out of school hours care centre. You are working one-on-one with Thomas, a six-year-old boy with an intellectual disability. Responses should demonstrate inclusive practices and how to interpret and respond to out of character behaviour.

Answer the questions in 750-2500 words.

  1. Provide examples of observations (including one out of character observation) that might be used to assess Thomas’s:
    1. Play preferences.
    1. Social interactions.
    1. Communication and language.
    1. Thinking styles.
    1. Physical abilities.
    1. Emotional status.
  1. Interpret the information and observations to identify individual emerging skills, capabilities, potential, interests, and preferences of Thomas that might be used to guide program strategies to foster his development.
  1. Using the information from the observations, use it to list the program plan for Hannah and Thomas:

    1. Social
    1. Language
    1. Cognitive
    1. Physical
    1. Sensory
  1. Provide examples of feedback you might give to Hannah and Thomas about their skills and competence and promote remembering.
  1. If you wanted to share information with Thomas’s parents, how might you make the time to do this?
  1. If Hannah started becoming withdrawn and crying for no apparent reason and curling up into the foetus position, who might you follow up your concerns, regarding her development with?
  • 1
    1. Explain how you might go about gathering information regarding Hannah’s emerging skills.
    1. Describe the kinds of detailed information that you might gather about Hannah.
    1. Explain how you might document using a variety of appropriate methods.
    1. Create an example of an observational record for Hannah that includes information and observations that are valid, summative, representative, significant and relevant.
    1. Make a series of observations to address aspects of Hannah’s development over a period of time and in a variety of situations.

Part 3 of above Question- Please address answer use subheadings”

Part 3

Explain how you might design an observation system with others in the service provider. (250-500 words)

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