You have been hired as a systems analyst to work with two other analysts. Your task is to…

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You have been hired as a systems analyst to work with two other analysts. Your task is to

document the functional requirements of Australia Post in UML.

In a typical learning environment, assignments are often based on hypothetical case studies,

like those in the tutorials. Such case studies, however, are limiting because you have little

opportunity to investigate how real systems work, thus making it difficult to appreciate the

complexity of a real system, the need of analysis and the usefulness analysis tools. We hope

that by investigating a real system you will appreciate the importance of analysis and the

role of UML as a communication and analysis tool.

During the analysis stage, UML is used to specify systems requirements, which will be used

to design a computer system. In this assignment, we will use UML to document a system

that has already been computerised – like reverse engineering a system (from an existing

computer system to specification). This has another advantage in that you can evaluate if

your specification is close enough to the real system. However, be careful when reverse

engineering so you do not also include the design decisions – please see your lecturer when

you are unsure, we are more than happy to give you feedback.

Please note that the case study provided here is incomplete and you need to investigate

Australia Post to complete the assignment, such visiting their website or following Australia

Post development in the news. If you cannot find the information you need, please talk to

your lecturer or tutor.


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