Mandel Ltd is currently considering the launch of a new product. A market survey was recently…

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Mandel Ltd is currently considering the launch of a new product. A market survey was recently commissioned to assess the likely demand for the product, and this showed that the product has an expected life of four years. The survey cost $30,000 and this is due for payment in four months’ time. On the basis of the survey information as well as internal management accounting information relating to costs, the assistant accountant prepared the following profit forecasts for the product:

Year 1 2 3 4

$’000 $000 $000 $000

Sales 180 200 160 120

Cost of Sales (115) (140) (110) (85)

Gross profit 65 60 50 35

Variable Overheads (27) (30) (24) (18)

Fixed Overheads (25) (25) (25) (25)

Market Survey Written off (30) —– —– —-

Net Profit/(loss) 17 5 1 (8)

  1. These profit forecasts were viewed with disappointment by the directors and there was a general feeling that the new product should not be launched. The Chief Executive pointed out that the product achieved profits in only two years of its four- year life and that over the four- year period as a whole, a net loss was expected. However, before a meeting that had been arranged to decide formally the future of the product, the following additional information became available:
  1. The new product will require the use of an existing machine. This has a written down value of $80,000 but could be sold for $70,000 immediately if the new product is not launched. If the product is launched it will be sold at the end of the four- year period for $10,000.
  1. Additionally, working capital of $20,000 will be required immediately and will be needed over the four- year period. It will be released at the end of the period.
  1. The fixed overheads include a figure of $15,000 per year for depreciation of the machine and $5,000 per year for the relocation of existing overheads in the business.


A. Calculate the net present value of the new product giving reasonable explanations.

B. Calculate the approximate internal rate of return of the product

Explain, with reasons whether or not the product should be launched

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