Carly’s company is considering adopting a new information technology. Because the information te

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Carly's company is considering adopting a new information technology. Because the information technology managers of the company are not yet familiar with the technology, they would most likely consult with someone from which of the following groups to help determine the suitability of technology?

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Early adopters

Early majority

Late majority


Which of the following is a first-mover advantage for a technology innovator?

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Being able to charge a premium price

Letting someone else work out all the bugs

Having an infrastructure ready to support the technology

Being able to take advantage of complementary products

Having a ready-made customer base

Picasso Graphics has adopted a new work flow for its office to improve efficiency. What type of organization development is that?

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Supply chain


Human resource management

Dr. Lopez decided to change all of his patient files from paper copies to electronic versions. Christine, the office manager, resisted the idea because “paper files have been good enough for hundreds of years.” What is the general reason for Christine's resistance to change?

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In the _____ stage of motivating people to change, management realizes that its current practices are no longer appropriate and the company must break out of its present mold by doing things differently.

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A direct and sometimes effective way to convince people to change is to

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pin the blame for shortcomings directly and entirely on employees.

bombard employees with facts aimed at inducing fear.

emphasize how huge and difficult the problems are.

compare the organization's performance to that of competitors.

motivate the employees with a stream of happy talk.


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