Advanced Marketing Management – MKT 359 – Spring 2019 – Take Home Final Exam Administered: Thursday,

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Advanced Marketing Management – MKT 359 – Spring 2019 – Take Home Final Exam
Administered:  Thursday, June 6, 2019

 Please upload your final to the D2L Dropbox by this date/time for full credit consideration.  

Remember, this final is worth 100 pts. or 25% of your grade!  Your grade will be lowered by 10 pts. each day it is late.

Case Study Topic:  Handling a Public Relations/Publicity Crisis

As mentioned in class, Marketing/PR Departments at companies of all sizes are faced with publicity crisis on a regular basis.  Cyber-attacks, product recalls, product malfunctions, etc.  How companies respond to adversity is critical to their success in overcoming the crisis as well as to their long term image to their public (customers, employees, stockholders, community, etc.).

For this final case study, students are to select a company that has been in the news recently for dealing with a publicity crisis related to their company/organization.  Some examples include:  Cyber security issues at companies like Rush Medical, Marriott, Yahoo, Target, Michaels, EBay, etc., videotaped footage of United Airlines security dragging a passenger off of one of their planes, or an amusement park roller coaster that malfunctioned and required upside down passengers to be evacuated.

Some questions/comments you may want to consider are:

  • Descriue?   In your opinion, what did they do right?  What did they do wrong?
  • What ramifications happened as a result of the negative publicity?
  • How much damage (financial, employees, customers) did this PR issue cause?
  • What was the SWOT for the company before the PR issue?
  • What was the SWOT of the company after the PR issue?
  • Should customers be weary of shopping/doing business with this company post PR issue?
  • What do you recommend the company do now (post PR issue) from a public relations standpoint?

Approach this case study in the same way as the case studies you have done in class.   While there is no universal way to write a case study, make sure you cover the basics of a case study including:

  1. Brief background/Situational Analysis of the company
  2. Problem Statement/Key Issues
  3. Competitive Situation/SWOT
  4. Alternatives/Options
  5. Recommendations

A couple of paragraphs on each topic should suffice with the major emphasis placed on what you’d recommend they do from a marketing perspective.

Any questions?  Email me at or

Have a great Summer!

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