You are required to collect relevant information from Internet sources and library databases…

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1. For this assignment, you can choose to do it individually or as a group of 2 members. If you

choose to do it as a group of 2 members, please note that both group members should be

allocated in the tutorials with the same tutor and only one report needs to be submitted for

each group. Please include each group member’s name and student ID number in the file you

are going to submit.

2. You will need to download an Excel file with a list of companies which is available on the

Moodle website for BFC5925 (in the ‘Assignment’ folder). Each group is required to select

two companies from the Excel file list provided on Moodle. The company selection process

must be as follows: 1) identify companies in the same row as each group member’s student ID

number, 2) out of the available companies for your group members, choose two companies

(each group is responsible for selecting their preferred companies). These two companies can

be selected in no particular order, but can only be selected from companies available to your

group. You must ensure that each of the companies selected was trading on the Australian

Securities Exchange in the period of at least two years, for example, between March 2017 and

March 2019 (to verify this, simply download share prices for your selected companies from

Yahoo finance or from DatAnalysis Monash Library electronic database – you will need your

student authcate and password to log into the DatAnalysis database). Note that it is your

group’s responsibility to select two companies listed under each group member’s student ID

from the list provided in the Excel file on Moodle.

3. You are required to collect relevant information from Internet sources and library databases

(e.g. Yahoo finance or DatAnalysis) and answer the set of questions that follow on the next


4. You will need to provide calculations and results (as an Excel file) that will need to be

submitted through an electronic assignment submission link in “Assignment” folder on Moodle

together with any summarised evidence to support your arguments such as any tables, graphs,

lists etc.

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